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Playing Robots Into Heaven AR

September 19, 2023 | Motoko

Playing Robots Into Heaven [AR Portal]

Welcome to the "Playing Robots Into Heaven" AR experience, an immersive journey into the world of James Blake's latest album. This manual will guide you through the steps to unlock this unique experience on your iOS device.

How to Use

  1. Locate the Poster: Find a "Playing Robots Into Heaven" poster on the street in London.
  2. Scan the Poster QR: Open the app and point your camera at the poster.
  3. Enter the Portal: Watch as the poster transforms into a portal.
  4. Explore: Navigate through the landscape of James Blake's new album, where you'll find James Blake himself floating in this ethereal world.


  • Camera Issues: Ensure that the app has permission to access your camera.
  • Scanning Issues: Make sure to scan the poster in good lighting conditions.

The Story Behind "Playing Robots Into Heaven" AR Experience

In a recent interview, James Blake spoke candidly about his newest album, "Playing Robots Into Heaven," and his quest for a "higher vibration." This album is not just a collection of tracks; it's an exploration of new sonic landscapes, a breaking free from the boxes we often put ourselves into. It's about not settling, about the anxiety and excitement of discovering something new. The album is a journey, building up to something euphoric and then bringing you back down to a resting state, much like the arc of a rave.

The "Playing Robots Into Heaven" AR experience is an extension of this philosophy. It's not merely an app; it's a portal to the world James Blake has created, a world that aims to make you feel euphoric and connected. When you scan the poster and enter this realm, you're not just a spectator; you're an explorer, much like James himself, venturing into unknown territories.

James Blake's music has always been about pushing boundaries, about not letting himself get too comfortable. This AR experience is a manifestation of that ethos. It's a way to bring the community back into music, to make it feel meaningful and connected in a way that's been lost in the digital age. It's a way to externalize the higher vibrations that James Blake talks about, to make them tangible and interactive.

In the interview, James Blake mentioned how he's been road-testing his new tracks, tweaking them based on people's reactions. This AR experience is another layer of that, a way for the audience to interact with his music in a new dimension. It's a symbiotic relationship; the experience is shaped by the music, and the music is shaped by your experience of it.

James Blake doesn't just want to be heard; he wants to be understood. He wants to make people feel better, to uplift them. The "Playing Robots Into Heaven" AR experience is an invitation to step into his world and feel that upliftment for yourself. It's a journey to a higher vibration, a journey that begins the moment you scan that poster and step through the portal.

So go ahead, find a poster, and take that step. Welcome to "Playing Robots Into Heaven."