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OCTOBER 20, 2017


Tokyo, Japan — Kalkul today announces Kalkul 1.1, the future of personal audio interfaces. As the world’s first 3D-printed wired earphone, Kalkul 1.1 encompasses a complex acoustic design presented in an innovative enclosure made of nylon.

Kalkul 1.1 integrates advanced professional dual Balanced Armature Driver technology, a strong noise canceling memory foam and an innovative 3D-printed sound canal, enabling a uniquely immersive acoustic experience. The enclosure of Kalkul 1.1 is made of Nylon11, a high performance plastic with a denim-like touch.

Kalkul 1.1 is entirely designed and manufactured in Tokyo for optimal performance, pioneering an on-demand manufacturing procedure with a zero-waste philosophy.

Kalkul 1.1 is fine-tuned for modern music production with a very high bandwidth of detailed frequencies. Being able to reproduce the details intended by the sound is a known engineering challenge that only very expensive professional speaker technology and careful tuning can usually achieve.

“We are obsessive audiophiles and our mission is to make high-end professional audio technology accessible to consumers who - we deeply believe - deserve to experience this life-changing quality,” says Bartek Kolacz, CEO and founder of Kalkul. “We strive to create the essence of a high-end analog earphone in a functional design for users in dense noisy urban environments. Kalkul 1.1 is a robust and reliable tool that enables a higher emotional response, enriching the user’s daily life in a meaningful way.”

The speaker configuration precisely renders complex highs into space, while maintaining rich lows with a large headroom. The foundation is a dual Balanced Armature Driver professional audio technology rooted in hearing aid technology, with precision at the forefront. This enables a longer high volume experience with less discomfort whilst efficiently reducing the risk of harming the ear.

Kalkul sourced top of the range speakers, cables and connectors, then built around them with the freedom of complex design thanks in part to 3D-printing. “We are lucky to have access to some of Japan’s best audio suppliers,” noted Mehdi Hamadi, CTO and co-founder at Kalkul. “We then designed our horn-shaped 3D-printed sound canal through endless iterations, resulting in a very wide immersive sound signature.”

Kalkul 1.1 comes enclosed in a durable 3D-printed Nylon11, its form following its functional design. The enclosure assembly channels a Japanese design legacy of interlocking complex wood structures. The touch of the Nylon11 material can be described as synthetic denim, forming a characterful patina over time. “We like to think that Kalkul 1.1 gets better with time,” says Kolacz. “We believe that this makes our technology more natural, more human and ultimately, more personal”.

In an age of broken Bluetooth connections, Kalkul 1.1 features an ultra robust professional audio jack, coated with palladium and 24K gold for best connection. "The 3.5mm jack is an audio icon, still the most popular and universal connector,” says Hamadi. “It is the obvious choice for our mission to create the essence of an earphone. We place strong value on the fact that many people will enjoy our sound clarity on devices such as musical instruments or mixing equipment where wireless earphones are not an option.”

The innovation of Kalkul 1.1 doesn’t end with the product, it is also deeply routed in Kalkul’s business model. “After exploring a new production method with the limited Kalkul 1.0, we arrived at a solid formula to pioneer the future of manufacturing: local, on demand higher volume production, enabled by the latest 3D-printing technology,” says Bartek. “Current models of electronics consumption and production are not sustainable. We aspire to change this situation, not by criticizing it, but by thinking of a new solution for a newer, better future.“

Kalkul 1.1 comes packaged in industry-standard ESD bags, contributing to a reduced waste.

Together, another future is possible.

Pricing and Availability

-- Kalkul 1.1 will be available for ¥27,800 (Yen) exclusively on kalkul.com from 23:00 JST Friday, October 20, with free worldwide shipping.

-- Average shipping time is 2-6 weeks based on demand and capacity.

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