〔 another future is possible 〕

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We are building a spatial audio world

Connecting the digital and physical world through sound

Do you remember the first song you fell in love with?

Some songs feel so good, they let your mind travel in space and time.

Yet when we travel through our physical world we are exposed to noise and sound we do not really care about.

As a solution, we travel isolated through space with earphones to make our world feel more exciting.

Living in two worlds. Disconnected.

Alone together.

How would it feel if we blend our physical world with our digital world seamlessly through a fabric of sound we deeply feel and care about?

At Kalkul we are exploring emotional technologies to expand our reality through sound.

We are building a spatial audio world you can layer around you, explore and interact with. We call it Aura.


Join us on our journey and start building your Aura today.

Feel More.

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